Monday, August 9, 2010


Another example of extensive code reuse. Found a very help tutorial at SUN Site(Now Oracle.).

Annotations JAVA

One of the biggest cleanups in an Programming Language. I think, from an modular code design to an Object Oriented Design. I find this one of best features where an abstraction can be used do much better coding in.


I had found an easy working rule for an MVC Architecture Debugging like Struts.

J2EE EJB Tutorial

SUN, now ORACLE does provide an in depth tutorial at their site. One of the best tutorial/sample code that they provide for any one interested in the technology. Tailor made for an ready to help yourself fast food.

Above is just an intro. But check out the sample code. Just it goes how in depth the SUN Teams had worked to make such an contribution in the industry like Java, When none of contemporary or predecessor could not get the market share.

Unix BIND Manual.

Got to read this. This the ultimate manual any hacker would be interested in, I had an misconception regarding DNS and Routing(Which I had responsed to in FreeBSD Mailing list), Clears that working rule, that DNS!=Routing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

JTA in Core Java Systems.

Found some interesting stuff on JTA. Seems to be quite different to use core java based high availability systems.